It’s that time again, time for some scattered thoughts about music.

  • The Brother Kite just released a new EP.  Of course you need it.
  • Shuffle is typically a more appropriate term than random.
  • Paul Butterfield could play an amazing blues harp.
  • While I don’t totally get all their stuff, I really dig Animal Collective’s last two albums and corresponding EPs.
  • I still haven’t finished my mix CD of favorite songs from 2010.
  • I’m playing a solo acoustic gig at Main Street Coffee House on July 2.  Expect some covers, it should be a blast.
  • Dan Bejar is the dude.
  • My wife and I are attending the Peter Gabriel concert at Starlight Theater on Saturday.  My favorite Gabriel records are Melt, Security and Up, but I’m not sure how much of that material will rear its head in his set with the New Blood Orchestra.
  • My drummer, Mylin Brimm, is releasing a new solo album.  It’s heavily influenced by gospel, 90s R&B and indie rock.  This dude will rock your world.  Like him on Facebook to keep up with his news.
  • Speaking of Mylin, he and I head to Kenny Carter’s home studio on Friday to lay down drum tracks for the new My Science Fiction Twin EP.  I’m fortunate and blessed to have a drummer who takes notes and thinks out his parts.  He’s amazing.
  • I still enjoy Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest.
  • These guys look like they know what they’re doing.

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