Three Doors Down

I checked the albums for sale at Amazon’s MP3 store this morning and saw a new Three Doors Down album, so I tweeted, “Woah, Three Doors Down just released a new record.  I didn’t know they were still around. #feelslike1998”  I received a few hilarious responses, prompting me to compile them for all to see.  (Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, I have elected not to disclose these statements’ authors.)

I should add that it seems fitting that I type up these responses at Benetti’s Coffee Experience.  Until the demolition of a sewing supply store last year, the coffeeshop was three doors down from the high school I attended.  Irony, or just a convenient observation?

  • A few minutes after my original tweet, a friend simply replied, “Three Pants Down.”
  • Then another stated, “Yeah…and they’re the one band I can say, ‘I saw them before they got big’ and of course, I’m too embarrassed to say it :)”
  • One guy asked if the new album was called Fish Sticks (a reference to a South Park episode about Kanye West).
  • And finally, a friend replied via text message, “As long as we have troops overseas, there will be Three Doors Down. LOL.”

Okay, I’m done discussing suck bands.  There’s way too much good music out there to focus on corporate mainstream schlock rock.  In fact, I’ve had way too many cool music experiences to fixate on anything else for long.  You can be sure I’ll discuss some of these in my next few episodes.

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