Episode 104: Take your brain, it’s time to go!

Guided By Voices’ difficult yet well-executed 1994 album, Bee Thousand.

Summer school starts next week, and I’m teaching seventh and eighth grade math. I anticipate it’ll be a busy June.

With this week off between the end of the school year and the beginning of summer school, I’ve watched my son and listened to a ton of music. Fueled by our purchase of tickets to see Guided By Voices in September, making a mix CD of Pollard-related tunes and a friend finding a lot of 36 Guided By Voices-related CD’s for $60 on the internet, much of this listening has been to Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard and Boston Spaceships. I’m kind of a nerd, but Pollard can deliver a killer pop hook when he wants to. He’s also quite the wordsmith, when he puts his mind to it.

Anyway, I know you want the goods, so here goes.

  1. “Something to Say” – The Action (Rolled Gold | Parasol | 2002)
  2. “Brain” – The Action (Rolled Gold | Parasol | 2002)
  3. “Somebody Made for Me” – Emitt Rhodes (Emitt Rhodes | Dunhill | 1970)
  4. “Echos Myron” – Guided By Voices (Bee Thousand | Scat | 1994)
  5. “The Unsinkable Fats Domino” – Guided By Voices (Let’s Go Eat the Factory | Guided By Voices Inc. | 2012)
  6. “Wild” – Beach House (Bloom | Sub Pop | 2012)


Radio Free Raytown – Episode #104 (6/1/12)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 104: Take your brain, it’s time to go!

  1. Though one of their best known, Game of Pricks is one of my favorite tracks of theirs.

  2. Awesome! Love to meet a fellow Pollard fan!

  3. Actually, just read some of your recent tweets. You NEED to attempt Alpha Omega. I did it and it was awesome. Here’s the link to all of the posts I wrote about it http://girlabouttowndayton.com/?s=alpha+omega

    • I’d love to take the challenge, but I don’t quite have all his stuff. I’m not quite that nerdy 😉

      I looked at your blog and saw pictures from the Wake Up Mordecai show. What a fun band! My wife and I know the guy who runs Poptek and love most of his releases. We should hang out the next time we’re in Dayton (in July) and go to Omega or something.

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