I like music. All kinds.

I like to write about music, but mostly with short, blog-style write-ups. I like big-named artists, but I usually seem to discuss local or unknown musicians. It’s not an elitist thing; I just think bands like U2 probably get enough coverage. Trust me, I can get into Achtung Baby just as much at Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice.

I’ll fill in this page some more later. For now, just check out

Or contact me at radiofreeraytown [at] gmail [dot] com



4 thoughts on “Agenda

  1. Very nice, Jonathan. I just posted the event and your excellent podcast, which will help friends explain what all the hub bub is about to the un-initiated, at

  2. Nice work. I liked it enough to add you as a link on RaytownOnline.Com

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