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Episode 101: Who needs tomorrow?

Cover image from Blue Trapeze's first album, Who Were You Then?

I love jangly college rock from the 1980’s. These bands usually invoke classic 1960’s psychedelia of The Byrds or The Velvet Underground, but with the immediacy of punk. These bands were also crucial to creative music’s development, as they helped carve out the college rock niche (which would later be called alternative or indie). While not necessarily a themed show, I play several songs in this episode that belong in the canon of eighties college rock.

The last song I play this week is from Chris M. Short’s compilation, On the 45: A Compilation of Obscure-to-Semi-Obscure Power Pop/Punk/New Wave. It’s a mind-blowing collection of songs he compiled from his personal collection of obscure 45s. It’s free, so download it now.

At any rate, enjoy the show.

  1. “It’s Only Obvious” – The Orchids (Air Balloon Road | Sarah Records | 1990)
  2. “Lazy Day” – Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils | Captured Tracks | 2010)
  3. “This Fear” – Blue Trapeze (Who Were You Then? | Fullspeak | 1984)
  4. “Black Night” – Green on Red (Green on Red | Down There | 1982)
  5. “Headphones Theme Form Seemingly Infinity” – Steven Drozd (Flyin’ Traps | Hollywood Records | 1997)
  6. “Kill Another Night” – Phil Daniels + The Cross (On the 45: A Compilation of Obscure-to-Semi-Obscure Power Pop/Punk/New Wave | RCA | 1979)


Radio Free Raytown – Episode #101 (3/30/12)

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Mid-January Rotation

Here’s a list of things, in no particular order, in my listening rotation this month.  (You’ll notice the fair amount of 2010 releases, as I’ve been considering my top ten list of albums from last year.)

  1. Texas Fever – Orange Juice (Polydor/1984)
  2. Love And its Opposite – Tracey Thorn (Merge/2010)
  3. Losing Sleep – Edwyn Collins (Heavenly/2010)
  4. “The Cord Unwinds” (digital single) – Transmit Pulse (Scatterplot Sounds/2011)
  5. The Lady Killer –  Cee-Lo Green (Elektra/2010)
  6. The ArchAndroid – Janelle Monáe (Bad Boy/2010)
  7. Spilling Over Every Side – Pretty Lights (Pretty Lights Music/2010)
  8. Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils (Captured Tracks/2010)
  9. Sounds of the Universe – Depeche Mode (EMI/2009)
  10. “Paradox Messenger” (digital single) – Transmit Pulse (Scatterplot Sounds/2011)
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Episode 54: Feminists and Car Shows

It’s been one of those long, short weeks.  One of those weeks where I don’t really want  to complain because there have been times in my life when I’d kill for a four-day (heck, even a five-day) work week.

I can’t complain; it’s been a week full of things Katy and I love.  We’ve spent time with a lot of good friends, eaten mostly vegetarian food and listening to the new Starflyer 59 LP that finally arrived.  Anyway, there’s not much in the way of an introduction to this week’s show. I can say that my love of jangly pop/rock rears its head again, and I refuse to apologize.

  1. “Seafoam Green” – This Train (Mimes of the Old West/Organic/1999)
  2. “Penitentiary Philosophy” – Erykah Badu (Mama’s Gun/Motown/2000)
  3. “Say That “- Latyrx (Latyrx: The Album/Quannum/1997)
  4. “All Around” – The Chameleons (Why Call It Anything?/Artful/2001)
  5. “Youth” – Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils/Captured Tracks/2010)
  6. “Know You Now” – The Someloves (Something or Other/Mushroom/1989)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #54 (9/10/10)

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