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Episode 83: There’s Beauty in Life

My wife, clearly at a young age, listening to her dad's records.

I met my wife through the now-defunct email discussion list for Velvet Blue Music.  She was a music journalist and, therefore, a great friend/asset to have, as I tried to make a name for myself in music.

Well, I didn’t exactly get famous, but I did fall in love.  Katy admonishes me when I’m an ass, and she encourages me when I’m about to give up.  And now, she’s having our baby.

We’re broke, so I’m sure we won’t do anything fancy for her birthday tomorrow.  We’ll probably just visit an art museum (for free) and use her coupon for Planet Sub.  But it’ll be the best thing ever.

I did make her a mix CD for her birthday, and I thought I’d play selections from it this week.  Because they’re mostly all mind-blowing pop songs, I figured listeners in Radio Free Raytown Land would also appreciate them.  (Plus, it just gives me a chance to yap about two loves of my life, Katy and records.)   Enjoy.

  1. “You Still Love Me” – Cut Off Your Hands (Happy As Can Be | French Kiss | 2008)
  2. “Everything With You” – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart | Slumberland | 2009)
  3. “Freetime” – Trashcan Sinatras (Weightlifting | Lo-Five | 2004)
  4. “Kisses for the Misses” – Richard Swift (You’re Lying 7″ | Velvet Blue Music | 2002)
  5. “Tonight the Streets Are Ours” – Richard Hawley (Lady’s Bridge | Mute | 2007)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #83 (7/8/11)

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Rotation (18 February 2010)

I haven’t posted a rotation in a while. Here’s what I’ve been listening to for the past week, in no particular order. No commentary, just a list.

  1. Model Engine – The Lean Year’s Tradition (5 Minute Walk/1997)
  2. Cut Off Your Hands – Happy As Can Be (French Kiss/2008)
  3. Curious Fools – Read (Gotee/1996)
  4. The Church – The Bastard Universe (Cooking Vinyl/1998)
  5. The Roots – The Roots Come Alive (MCA/1999)
  6. Department of Eagles – In Ear Park (4AD/2008)
  7. Cazals – What of Our Future (The Hours Entertainment/2009)
  8. Black Eyed Sceva – Way Before the Flood (5 Minute Walk/1995)
  9. DJ Logic – Project Logic (Ropeadope/1999)
  10. And, although I haven’t listened to any Kevin Clay albums this week, his songs keep popping in my head when I’m in the shower or in the car. Must be time to pull Na$hvega$: The Land of Milk & Money out.
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