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Episode 71: Fight With Swords

It’s been a super busy week.  If you like the songs or the artists, do the research.

  1. “Healing Time” – Denison Witmer (River Bends / Velvet Blue Music / 1999)
  2. “Depart And Eternity Theme Variation II” – Eleni Karaindrou (Eternity and a Day / ECM / 1998)
  3. “The Animals” – Jan Hammer (The First Seven Days / Nemperor / 1975)
  4. “Trails to the Underworld” – Kerith Ravine (Lined Up In Pairs We Wait For What Comes Next / independent / 2001)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #71 (2/18/11)

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Episode 11: Flying in sequence

photograph by Denny Medley, Random Photography

photograph by Denny Medley, Random Photography

With my show up at Benetti’s and my attempts to get the word out about this site, this show may be the first one for some.  I record a 25ish-minute show every week to enjoy over lunch or a short drive through town.  I typically aim to have these up every Friday.

I’m still working on trying to sync up these shows with iTunes so they will automatically download. Until then, this will have to do.

The weather has suddenly shifted, and listening to guys like Nick Drake or Denison Witmer makes sense again. Cast aside your High Llamas, Guided By Voices and Jetenderpaul albums, folks. This is fall music.

  1. Steven – Denison Witmer
  2. Hammock – Birds Flying in Sequence
  3. Eyeless in Gaza – Evening Music
  4. Starflyer 59 – A Good Living

Radio Free Raytown – Episode 11 (9/24/09)

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Busy time

It’s a busy time for Katy and me, with schedules that do anything but align.  We have had time to work in some music, however.  Tonight, we are going to a performance of “Into The Woods” at the Kansas City Repertory Theater.  Tomorrow morning, I will put up my art show, “Them Changes: An Examination of Jazz & Soul Album Artwork of the 70s,” at Benetti’s that explores early 70s soul, funk and jazz album covers.  (More on that in a bit.)  Wednesday, we are going to see Denison Witmer break our hearts at The Record Bar.

“Them Changes” explores soul, funk and jazz album artwork from the early 70s.  In planning this show, I have strived to discuss context.  For example, why did the black man suddenly become an icon on soul albums?  What’s with the whole blaxploitation soundtrack thing?  I could go on and on and should probably write a thesis on the subject.

I am aware I have chosen some big names and omitted some others, but I don’t think the show will suffer much.  Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield were tremendously important, so it’s not bad that I focus on them.  I didn’t include any George Clinton-related stuff because of the type of place Benetti’s is.  (I assume that old ladies might get a little freaked out with covers to Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow or Cosmic Slop staring at them as they drink their morning coffees.)

Okay, I’m done.

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