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Episode 58: When We Awoke

The Threes, The Vinagaroons and Making Movies are playing this week at the Benetti’s Fall Classic.  It will be a fun mix of loud indie, hippie art and Latin-tinged rock bands.

This week, I have chosen to introduce the listeners of Radio Free Raytown to John Zorn.  Much of his work is so perfect for autumn: moody, expressive and expansive.  Even his forays into exotica, that may seem better-suited for summer tiki-themed parties, feel like falling leaves.

I feel so much in common with Zorn.  He plays alto sax and composes (as do I).  He makes the music that’s in my head.  In fact, I sometimes wonder if I need to try any more.  He’s done it all.  He’s listened to lots of the same music as me and lets it all influence his work: Bad Brains, The Ventures, Shostakovich, The Modern Klezmer Quartet and Bugs Bunny cartoons.  When I listen to Zorn, I feel as if I’m looking in the mirror.


  1. “Galaxy in Janaki” – Flying Lotus (Cosmogramma/Warp/2010)
  2. “Chorek” – John Zorn (Masada Rock/Tzadik/2005)
  3. “Kanah” – John Zorn (Masada Recital, Volume 4/Tzadik/2004)
  4. “Osaka Bondage” – Naked City (Torture Garden/Shimmy Disc/1990)
  5. “And When We Awoke” – Doug Burr (O Ye Devestator/Velvet Blue Music & Spune/2010)
  6. “La Marcha” – Making Movies (In Deo Seperamus/independent/2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #58 (10/8/10)

I talked about the Making Movies video for “La Marcha,” so check it out:

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Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl!

Yes, I’m copying and pasting from a Velvet Blue e-mail. I just ordered the Doug Burr and Telegraph Canyon records, so it’s okay. Everything is available at velvetbluemusic.com
THE PRIDS ‘chronosynclastic’  12″
Everyone’s favorite new band now on beautiful vinyl.  Be sure to see them on the road too, www.velvetbluemusic.com/prids has updated tour dates. + Doug from Built to Spill plays guitar magic on a track !
DOUG BURR ‘o ye devastator’ 12″
This is the first time any Burr recordings have been available on vinyl !  O Ye has been getting so much great press and it’s easy to see why.  It’s an instant classic.
STARFLYER 59  ‘old’ 12 “
First time ever on vinyl, and it’s a picture disk too !  It’s at the bottom in the distro section.  Many consider this to be the bands finest work.  Line up for the record was Martin, Cloud, Swift, and Lenz.
TELEGRAPH CANYON – ‘the tide and the current’  12 “
This sounds absolutely perfect on wax !  They have been touring like crazy but we still have some copies left.  The record was produced by W. Johnson of Centro-matic / Monsters of Folk.
THE LANGLEY SISTERS – ‘queen bee’  7″
3 lovely sisters from London make great sing alongs.  Produced by Ed Harcourt. On white vinyl, with download codes.
KISSING COUSINS – ‘pillar of salt’  12″
5 lovely ladies from Los Angeles, who lay on some guitar !  Produced by Richard Swift. On white vinyl, with download codes for the record + bonus tracks.
RICHARD SWIFT – ‘ the novelist / walking without effort’ 2 x 12″
These are almost gone !  A co-release w/ Secretly Canadian, beautiful gatefold, that comes with a cd of 4 unreleased demos inside !
HELLO VINYL – ‘2 cd compilation’
In case you missed it, we have the opposite here :  We took all the out of print Velvet Blue vinyl and put it into a 2 cd set.  Includes tracks from :  Fine China, Pony Express, Richard Swift, Broadway Hush, Fold Zandura, Bon Voyage, etc.
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Episode 45: Footprints and Moses

The picture sleeve for The Jam's 45, "The Modern World"It’s easy to look back and identify certain sounds, whether bound by geography or by recording trends. That said, I feel like I’m currently witnessing a certain sound develop. I don’t know we’ll call it when we look back in a few years, but there seem to be an increasing number of bands playing a sort of complex, shimmery pop music. They also focus on vocals, with most of the bands’ members singing intricate parts. Unlike most trends, I’m okay with this development in good songwriting, chimey guitars and solid performances.

Enlou is one of those bands. The Sexy Accident played a show with them in Dayton, and I was blown away by how well the guys played together. I’ve been in many bands, and it’s tough to arrange so many parts without cluttering up the sound. Enjoy…

  1. “Wait For My Turn” – Azymuth (Azimuth/Far Out/1975)
  2. “Back in My Arms Again” – The Jam (“The Modern World”/Polydor/1977)
  3. “Liquid Light” – Enlou (Threshing Floor/Lujo/2009)
  4. “My Voice Rises to God” – Doug Burr (The Shawl/Velvet Blue Music/2009)
  5. “Desolate” – The Prids (Chronosynclastic/Velvet Blue Music/2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #45 (7/2/10)

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