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Episode 90: All Forgotten Youth

A short drive from Dayton, Ohio, Yellow Springs is the perfect town for autumn.  Lots of trees, old timey shops along a main street and a small, private college.  One of the attractions used to be a music store called Dingleberry’s in the middle of town.

I clearly remember my first visit to Yellow Springs.  (While dating, Katy and I took turns traveling to see one another, she in Dayton and I in Raytown.)  I had made the trip to Dayton, and Katy wanted to take me to get ice cream at Young’s Dairy Farm on the outskirts of town.  On our way through town, she introduced me to Dingleberry’s, which was convenient as Echo and the Bunnymen had just released a live album that I needed to buy that would, in turn, introduce her to the band.

Fast-forward almost nine years, and we’re expecting our first child.  We’ve decided upon the name Ian (which, coincidentally is the name of Echo and the Bunnymen’s frontman).  This week, I dedicate my show to music made by guys named Ian.  Enjoy.

  1. “Proud to Fall (Extended Mix)” – Ian McCulloch (“Faith and Healing” single | Sire | 1989)
  2. “Do It Clean” – Echo and the Bunnymen (Crocodiles | Korova | 1980)
  3. “Merchandise” – Fugazi (Repeater | Dischord | 1990)
  4. “Lucky You” – Lightning Seeds (Jollification | Epic | 1993)
  5. “Interzone” – Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures | Factory | 1979)
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Episode 21: Scorched-earth lovers.

Much like Harry Nilsson’s best albums, this is a mix of disparate styles that should have never been thrown together.  If you just thought I was crazy, I’ve given you even more proof this week.

  1. “Water Ban” – Pernice Brothers (Yours, Mine & Ours/Ashmont/2003)
  2. “Thursday (at Olympic Studios)” – Asobi Seksu (Rewolf/Polyvinyl/2009)
  3. “Thursday” – Asobi Seksu (Citrus/Friendly Fire/2006)
  4. “Invasion of the Octobots” – DJ Q-Bert with Flare, D-Styles, & Yogafrog (Turntables by the Bay/Hip-Hop Slam/2001)
  5. “Ten Dollar High” – Medeski, Martin and Wood (Uninvisible/Blue Note/2002)
  6. “Everlasting Neverendless” – Echo and the Bunnymen (The Fountain/Ocean Rain/2009)

Radio Free Raytown Episode #21 (12/11/09)

Oh yeah, I’m putting a mind-blowing Christmas show together for next week.  That should be fun.

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