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Busy time

It’s a busy time for Katy and me, with schedules that do anything but align.  We have had time to work in some music, however.  Tonight, we are going to a performance of “Into The Woods” at the Kansas City Repertory Theater.  Tomorrow morning, I will put up my art show, “Them Changes: An Examination of Jazz & Soul Album Artwork of the 70s,” at Benetti’s that explores early 70s soul, funk and jazz album covers.  (More on that in a bit.)  Wednesday, we are going to see Denison Witmer break our hearts at The Record Bar.

“Them Changes” explores soul, funk and jazz album artwork from the early 70s.  In planning this show, I have strived to discuss context.  For example, why did the black man suddenly become an icon on soul albums?  What’s with the whole blaxploitation soundtrack thing?  I could go on and on and should probably write a thesis on the subject.

I am aware I have chosen some big names and omitted some others, but I don’t think the show will suffer much.  Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield were tremendously important, so it’s not bad that I focus on them.  I didn’t include any George Clinton-related stuff because of the type of place Benetti’s is.  (I assume that old ladies might get a little freaked out with covers to Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow or Cosmic Slop staring at them as they drink their morning coffees.)

Okay, I’m done.

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