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Episode 76: Between the Flim and Flam

Daniel Amos in 1987

Until the past decade, bands really couldn’t hope for any mainstream acceptance without concealing religious affiliation.  Today, we take it for granted that anyone with a guitar and internet connection can play on a somewhat even field across continents.  So it’s just not fair to claim that if a christian band in the 80s or early 90s was worth its salt, it wouldn’t have even bothered with the christian market.  Much life and creativity teemed far below the surface of mainstream christian music.

I devote this week’s show to a guy whose work will probably be shrouded in obscurity because he started writing skewed pop songs informed by his Christian beliefs and love of literature much too early for kids growing up in the internet age.  Yes, before Sufjan Stevens or Dave Bazan or…heck, even Sixpence None the Richer or The Innocence Mission, there was Terry Taylor and his band, Daniel Amos.

There is a direct line of influence from this week’s subject, Terry Taylor, to an artist like Stevens, who combines belief with cool music.  Terry Taylor’s band, Daniel Amos, started a label called Alarma! Records in the mid-80s.  Brandon Ebel worked there in the early 90s before deciding to start a record label of his own label out of his bedroom in 1993.  A couple years later, he signed the band, Danielson.  A few years after that, Stevens joined Danielson on the road.  Shortly after, Stevens started his own label, and blew folks’ minds and made all the year-end lists for Paste, Relevant and Rolling Stone.

But what about Terry Taylor, the guy who thought it’d be cool to mix his love for 60s pop and surf with post-punk and new wave?  He’s released so many good-to-great albums under several band names that it’s truly hard to keep up.  Hopefully I can assist in getting you acquainted with his work.  Enjoy.

  1. “Traps, Ensnares” – Daniel Amos (Motorcycle | Brainstorm Artists | 1993)
  2. “Happily Married Man” – Daniel Amos (Preachers from Outer Space | Squint | 1994)
  3. “Shedding the Mortal Coil” – Daniel Amos (Alarma! | NewPax | 1981)
  4. “Dancing on Light” – Terry Scott Taylor (Knowledge and Innocence | Shadow | 1986)
  5. “Multipurpose Man” – Swirling Eddies (Zoom Daddy | Alarma! | 1994)
  6. “Be My Hiding Place” – Lost Dogs (Nazarene Crying Towel | BEC | 2002)
  7. “So Far So Good” – Daniel Amos (Mr. Buechner’s Dream | Stunt | 2001)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #76 (4/15/11)

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Episode 75: On the Low

I’ve been toying with Amazon’s Cloud Player this week.  It seems a good option for me (at least for some of the digital music I keep in rotation), as I don’t have my own server from which to stream songs.

One catch is formats.  It doesn’t support .ogg files, in which I’ve ripped all my CDs.  I have uploaded MP3s I downloaded from eMusic and Amazon, and the player seems to work well, streaming songs at the bitrate in which they’ve been encoded.

Just like any new service (not that the idea is necessarily new, but that it’s implementation on such a big, visible scale is), I know other people will come along with better ideas to make personal music players nearly obsolete.  We’ll just use devices on our phones or in our cars to stream music.  And speaking of streaming, enjoy this week’s mix…

  1. “Little Fury Bugs “- Death Cab for Cutie (We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes | Barsuk | 2000)
  2. “Flametop Green” – Daniel Lanois (Belladonna | Anti | 2005)
  3. “On the Low” – Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (Bavarian Fruit Bread | Sanctuary | 2001)
  4. “This and That” – Acid House Kings (Advantage | Labrador | 2002)
  5. “Broken Like Brooklyn” – Lost Dogs (The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees | Lo-Fidelity |2006)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #75 (4/8/11)

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Episode 43: Let’s Go Crazy and Thicken the Plot

Three songs from 2010 in this week’s show! I do listen to new music. What is this world coming to?!!

  1. “The Glory Road” – Lost Dogs (Old Angel/Lo-Fidelity/2010)
  2. “In a Station” – The Band (Songs From Big Pink/Capitol/1968)
  3. “In This Darkness Light Seeps Through” – Transient Songs (Cave Syndrome/Indian Casino/2010)
  4. “Cool in the Pool” – Holger Czukay (Movies/Mute/1979)
  5. “In Heaven” – The Sexy Accident (Now That She’s Gone*/independent/2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #43 (6/4/10)

Now, this is pretty cool. It’s a video for “In This Darkness Light Seeps Through.”

*You can download our entire EP, Now That She’s Gone, for free here.

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Rotation (5/30/10)

Poor Old Lu: Scott Hunter, Jesse Sprinkle, Nick Barber and Aaron Sprinkle

I’ve been re-evaluating Poor Old Lu’s The Waiting Room this week. It’s not one of those records I was into 15 years ago and was just curious as to how well it stands up today. Katy got it to review (I think?) just before we got married, but I was never into it.

Poor Old Lu was a Christian band in the nineties, and its members have continued to play important roles in the music industry. It reunited to record The Waiting Room (and play some tour dates, if I remember correctly) in 2003. It then broke up again.

I wasn’t really a fan of the band until its two mind-blowing releases: the Straight Six EP in 1995 and (its dark and final album) A Picture of the Eighth Wonder in 1996. This comeback record just didn’t do it for me in 2003, but I wonder if my expectations were to blame? I kinda like The Waiting Room now.

Alright, so my rotation this week, in no particular order.

8.  Olivier Messiaen’s L’Ascension – Polish Radio Orchestra (Naxos/2000)

7.  Music From Big Pink – The Band (Capital/1968)

6.  Imperial Bedroom – Elvis Costello (Columbia/1982)

5.  “You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes” – Hammock (independent/2010)

4.  Early Music – Kronos Quartet (Nonesuch/1997)

3.  Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook – Ella Fitzgerald (Verve/1961)

2. The Waiting Room – Poor Old Lu (Tooth and Nail/2003)

1.  Old Angel – Lost Dogs (Lo-Fidelity/2010)

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Episode 32: Awake, but Half-Asleep

I think I listened to Voices & Images by Camouflage a zillion times last week, before I got on a Spiritualized kick (which I started to discuss in Episode 31). This probably borders on heresy to some, but I think that album is just as good as anything Depeche Mode released in the 80s.

I remember when I found that CD, as I had never heard of the band. I got it because it looked cool, and it was $1.97 at Maj-R-Thrift.

If there’s anything I can do with this website, it’s to chronicle my path of musical discoveries. Very rarely do I go systematically through every album by a particular artist before I’m sidetracked by something else. I routinely pre-judge albums by their covers or band pictures. While that certainly doesn’t always work (U2 was best when the members looked the worst), it’s a perfectly good way to discover new stuff. Don’t fear this absent-minded approach, as it has certainly reaped some nice rewards for me!

  1. “The Great Commandment” – Camouflage (Voices & Images/Atlantic/1988)
  2. “Room For Skin” – Grant McLennan (In Your Bright Ray/Beggars Banquet/1997)
  3. “Later On that Night” – The Bats (The Guilty Office/Hidden Agenda/2008)
  4. “To Be With the Girl” – Jonathon Smith (…Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous/independent/2008)
  5. “A Blessing in Disguise” – Lost Dogs (Gift Horse/BEC/2000)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #32 (3/12/10)

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This weekend.

It was a good weekend.

Friday night, Katy and I went to a performance of what was billed as the Stuart Ashley Quartet at the Kemper Museum.  It ended up being just a trio.  (Or was that a joke?  The James Dean Trio was actually a six-piece…)  It was a great show, but probably not for the faint.  They played free jazz that took the listener through some tasty passages.  As is the case all too often with great performances, there were criminally few in attendance.  I guess it was such a good night that everyone was outside enjoying the weather and not inside a cool art museum having their minds blown by great music.

I delivered pizzas Saturday night and brought along David Bowie, The Cure and the Lost Dogs along for the ride.

I am working on my first discussion of album art for the site.  I will focus on Dave Brubeck’s Time Out.  So be looking for that and another episode this week.

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