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Episode 21: Scorched-earth lovers.

Much like Harry Nilsson’s best albums, this is a mix of disparate styles that should have never been thrown together.  If you just thought I was crazy, I’ve given you even more proof this week.

  1. “Water Ban” – Pernice Brothers (Yours, Mine & Ours/Ashmont/2003)
  2. “Thursday (at Olympic Studios)” – Asobi Seksu (Rewolf/Polyvinyl/2009)
  3. “Thursday” – Asobi Seksu (Citrus/Friendly Fire/2006)
  4. “Invasion of the Octobots” – DJ Q-Bert with Flare, D-Styles, & Yogafrog (Turntables by the Bay/Hip-Hop Slam/2001)
  5. “Ten Dollar High” – Medeski, Martin and Wood (Uninvisible/Blue Note/2002)
  6. “Everlasting Neverendless” – Echo and the Bunnymen (The Fountain/Ocean Rain/2009)

Radio Free Raytown Episode #21 (12/11/09)

Oh yeah, I’m putting a mind-blowing Christmas show together for next week.  That should be fun.

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