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Episode 56: Relevant Relics

Don't always judge an album by its cover.

I didn’t have much time for a thoughtful write-up to introduce this week’s show, as I’ve been super busy. We had a raccoon in the fireplace on Sunday, I had four-hour classes on physically supporting students Monday and Tuesday nights, and My Science Fiction Twin rehearsed last night. (We have a show tomorrow and on October 23.)

I guess we don”t really need a verbose introduction anyway. It’s all about the music, right?

  1. “Domeswitch” – Fortran 5 (Avocado Suite/Mute/1995)
  2. “In a Manner of Speaking” – Martin L. Gore (Counterfeit EP/Mute/1989)
  3. “Not As It Seems” – Khoiba (Nice Tracks/StreetBeat/2005)
  4. “Another World” – Chemical Bros. (Further/AstralWerks/2010)
  5. “Den of Thieves” – Sage (ArtCore, Volume 2/Tooth and Nail/1996)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #56 (9/24/10)

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