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Episode 62: Here Comes That Heart Attack

When I think of Dayton, I think of my in-laws, Roger Troutman and Guided By Voices.  I also think of Andy Ingram, promoter of first-class rock shows and member of about thirty bands.  He also runs Poptek Records, whose roster doesn’t exactly mirror, but draws upon the sounds and ethos that make the Guided By Voices catalog so great.  There’s everything from lo-fi bedroom pop to power pop garage bands on the label, and so many of the albums are available for free.  There’s no reason to go another day without Ruetschle, Kris N  and XL427 on your harddrive.

I play another artist this week, Pinkle, whose music is also available for free.  Please download his album, Invertible, if you’re a fan of pop songs, slide guitars and cheap drum machines.  You will certainly enjoy it if you dig Sufjan Stevens or Sam Billen (who has also posted a lot of free music).

Believe it or not, I don’t always aim to seek out the most obscure stuff.  It’s just that so much good music is under people’s radar, and much of it is cheap.  I’m more than willing to pay a lot for a good album, but don’t believe the RIAA who’d have you believe you need to buy what’s on the radio and pay full retail price for it.  It’s just that the good music may sometimes require a hunt, and that’s why I’m here.  Enjoy.

  1. “Computer in Love” – Perrey & Kingsley (The In Sound from Way Out!/Vanguard/1966)
  2. “#1 Hit Song” – Minutemen (Double Nickels On The Dime/SST/1984)
  3. “Beethoven Misspelled” – Kris N (Burning Down Belmont/Poptek/200?)
  4. “MC Speller” – Muckafurgason (Muckafurgason/Edelstein/2001)
  5. “Titanic Death” – Pinkle (Invertible/independent/2009)
  6. “One Bell Ringing” – Elvis Costello (National Ransom/Hear Music/2010)
  7. “Where Did It All Go Wrong?” – U2 (Achtung Baby demo’s/1991)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #62 (11/19/10)

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