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Episode 92: Wake that Sleepyhead in You

Anticipating Ian’s arrival in a few weeks (if he’s punctual), one of the things I’ve been considering is responding to and teaching discernment with coarse language.  And because I’ve been on a Sonic Youth kick recently, I’ve specifically thought about cussing in music.

I’ll spare you most of my thoughts and conversation with my wife, but I can say that I am convinced parents must model for children a healthy respect of language.  I don’t think this involves overreacting to my son when he inevitably drops a minor curse word…and on the other end of the spectrum, it obviously doesn’t mean I should mean that I should cuss like a sailor.  I guess I have some time to figure things out before he gets old enough that it matters.  You know, maybe I have enough time before then to write a book…

Enjoy the show.

  1. “No Room” – Two-Pound Planet (No Sense of History | Alternative/Stunt | 1992)
  2. “(I Got A) Catholic Block” – Sonic Youth (Sister | SST | 1987)
  3. “Surgeon” – St. Vincent (Strange Mercy | 4AD | 2011)
  4. “Natural Frost” – Welcome (Sirs | FatCat | 2007)
  5. “Salad of Speech” – 100 Flowers (100 Years of Pulchritude | EMI | 1990)
  6. “Okay, I’ll Admit That I really Don’t Understand” – The Flaming Lips (Zaireeka | Warner | 1997)
  7. “Listen, It’s Gone” – The Ocean Blue (Beneath the Rhythm and Sound | Sire | 1993)
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Episode 91: Phasers on Stun

A while back, I called up a record store in Indianapolis to order a super-limited edition 12″ single The Flaming Lips recorded with Neon Indian.  After giving the clerk, Dan, my credit card information, we began discussing uber-obscure, hazy and psychedelic garage bands.  During that conversation, I remember Dan saying he listens to so much music that he doesn’t really stick with one record for very long…say less than two weeks.

Whether it’s due to owning too much music or it’s a sort of musical attention deficit disorder, I feel much the same.  While this may be problematic to some, I find that wearing out new albums always points me back to my all-time favorite artists and records.

I love 60s jazz and 90s indie rock; they are like musical comfort foods to me.  Enjoy.

  1. “Knife Rape” – Mothguts (III | Thor’s Rubber Hammer | 2009)
  2. “Spectrum” – Andrew Hill (Point of Departure | Blue Note | 1964)
  3. “Mykologics” – Mouse on Mars (Niun Niggung | Thrill Jockey | 1999)
  4. “Kazuality” – Blonde Redhead (Fake Can be Just as Good | Touch and Go | 1997)
  5. “Phasers on Stun/Sola Kola” – Yatsura (We Are Yatsura | Che Trading | 1996)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #91 (9/28/11)

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Episode #3

I set out to make these shows a weekly habit. Since it’s summer and I have more time to work on them, here is the next show–short, concise and digestible–and a few days early.

  1. Deastro – Tree Frog
  2. St. Vincent – Actor Out of Work
  3. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
  4. Burning Hearts – Sea Bird
  5. Ester Drang – Grave Mistake

If you like any of these artists, buy all of their albums. You will not be disappointed. (Know that Deastro’s glorious album, Keeper’s, is only available digitally.)

Radio Free Raytown Episode #3 – 7/15/09

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Podcast #2

I want to thank Brandon Briscoe for his mention of Radio Free Raytown on his blog, A Pilgrim’s Porridge.  It’s nice to receive kind words when I’m still entrenched in a job search.

Before I tell you about the next installment of Radio Free Raytown, know that I am tagging these podcasts so you can easily search for the old episodes. After I get to my fifth show, I will compile them in zip files, if you feel the need to quickly catch up.

Anyway, without further adew, here is my second podcast.  And again, it’s short, concise and digestable.

  1. Happy Apple – Go (Base 13)
  2. Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Apples and Oranges
  3. Cowboy Indian Bear – Snowing in Sydney
  4. Belle and Sebastian – I Love My Car
  5. Mazzy Star – Flowers In December
  6. The Meeting Places – Until It’s Gone


Happy Apple – Go (Base 13)
Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Apples and Oranges
Cowboy Indian Bear – Snowing in Sydney
Belle and Sebastian – I Love My Car
Mazzy Star – Flowers In December
The Meeting Places – Until It’s Gone

Radio Free Raytown Episode #2 – 7/9/09

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Podcast #1

Radio Free Raytown is my podcast. The episodes are short enough to get through on a drive through town or what not, as nobody really needs 80-minute podcasts. (You end up only getting 15 minutes into them anyway.) Listen and enjoy. I have cherry-picked the best just for you.

In Episode 1…

  1. Oh Blessed Thought – The Revisionist Story
  2. The Jen Say Kwahs – Simmy’s In a Burrough
  3. Altair Nouveau – Destroyer
  4. Anything Box – Living In Oblivion (Slow Mix)
  5. The Seventy-Sevens – A Lifetime Without You

Thanks for listening.

Radio Free Raytown Episode 1 – 6/26/09

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