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Regional rail.

Yesterday, one of my wife’s long-time friends was in town with her family.  To give her time to visit with Katy, I took her six-year old daughter for a walk.  When we crossed the 63rd Street bridge, I hoisted her up over the side to see the railroad below.  She remarked, “I know why they don’t use those train tracks down there.  There’s grass all over them.”


Last week, I attended a presentation by folks analyzing options for better public transportation in the Kansas City area.  (This isn’t just another Clay Chastain pipe dream; it’s a proposal set forth by Jackson County executive, Mike Sanders.)  Since they’ve found that the Federal government could pay up to 50% of the cost for a project like light rail, they feel compelled to formally weigh their options.

I figured I’d pass along information so you can learn about their work and, perhaps, get involved.  Here are sites regarding Jackson County Regional Rail:

Official web site to follow the process – www.kcsmartmoves.org/projects/jacksoncounty

You can also join the KCRRR: Kansas City Regional Rapid Rail group on Facebook.

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