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Episode 106: The middle of July in a stocking cap.

Dan Billen, performing with The Billions

I don’t know what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, but it’s been insanely hot in Raytown this summer. About the only thing worth doing is watching my son play around in the living room and listening to records. Fortunately for us, a ton of great music has been released in the past few months.

I’m occasionally accosted by dudes who want me to play their music on my show. (As if they’ll see a substantial uptick in albums sold, right??) Usually their music is, at best, mediocre. But when Michael Edwards told me to check out his band, I was blown away. Not because it was the best thing I’ve ever heard or that it was something entirely new. No, the band impressed me with how comfortable it feels with itself and the audience. In this episode, I play a song from Genetic Engines’ new EP, Feed My Mind. Please buy it. It’s only four bucks.

I’m also petitioning discerning music lovers to buy Dan Billen’s new EP, Not Alone. Billen is a long-time friend who played bass in The Billions. Since the band broke up, he has quietly sat by as his brother amassed quite a catalog of indie pop. (Truth be known, he and his wife were trying to get their family started, a focus of many of his songs.) Like his best work in The Billions, Not Alone, boasts diverse styles and honest lyrics. Name your price and buy it.

I’m excited to record another episode. It seems like it’s been forever since my last one. I hope you enjoy. (For some reason, WordPress won’t allow me to stream episodes like I used to, so just use the download link at the bottom.)

  1. “Into the Cold” – Genetic Engines (Feed My Mind / independent / 2012)
  2. “When We Come To” – Michael Miller (When We Come To / Shiny Shiny / 2003)
  3. “Flying Backwards” – Doug Gillard (Malamute Jute / Cushion Records / 1998)
  4. “Let a Dreamer Dream” – Dan Billen (Not Alone/ independent / 2012)
  5. “See Right Through Me” – The Bats (Free All the Monsters / Flying Nun / 2011)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #106 (7/20/12)

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This week’s rotation.

I’ve been listening to a lot of good records lately, in no particular order.

  1. Strange Mercy – St. Vincent (4AD | 2011)
  2. Tango Boys – Motel Beds (Fictionband Mechanics | unreleased)
  3. Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division (Factory | 1979)
  4. The Law of Things – The Bats (Flying Nun | 1990)
  5. The HMV/Parlophone Singles ’88-’95 (disc one) – Morrissey (EMI | 2009)
  6. Home Cookin’ – Jimmy Smith (Blue Note | 1959)
  7. Siberia – Echo and the Bunnymen (Cooking Vinyl | 2005)
  8. Bounce Around – Minisnap (Magic Marker | 2008)
  9. Don’t You Rise – The Bats (Slumberland | 2009)
  10. Lo-Fi Feeling – The Tambourine Club (independent | 2011)
You can get Lo-Fi Feeling for free from The Tambourine Club’s website.
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Episode 32: Awake, but Half-Asleep

I think I listened to Voices & Images by Camouflage a zillion times last week, before I got on a Spiritualized kick (which I started to discuss in Episode 31). This probably borders on heresy to some, but I think that album is just as good as anything Depeche Mode released in the 80s.

I remember when I found that CD, as I had never heard of the band. I got it because it looked cool, and it was $1.97 at Maj-R-Thrift.

If there’s anything I can do with this website, it’s to chronicle my path of musical discoveries. Very rarely do I go systematically through every album by a particular artist before I’m sidetracked by something else. I routinely pre-judge albums by their covers or band pictures. While that certainly doesn’t always work (U2 was best when the members looked the worst), it’s a perfectly good way to discover new stuff. Don’t fear this absent-minded approach, as it has certainly reaped some nice rewards for me!

  1. “The Great Commandment” – Camouflage (Voices & Images/Atlantic/1988)
  2. “Room For Skin” – Grant McLennan (In Your Bright Ray/Beggars Banquet/1997)
  3. “Later On that Night” – The Bats (The Guilty Office/Hidden Agenda/2008)
  4. “To Be With the Girl” – Jonathon Smith (…Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous/independent/2008)
  5. “A Blessing in Disguise” – Lost Dogs (Gift Horse/BEC/2000)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #32 (3/12/10)

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