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Episode 109: Back in the Saddle

After 108 episodes, my output of podcasts ground to a halt.  I guess a two-year old, super-demanding job and crashed computer will do that to you.  My last show was in October, a whopping nine months ago!  That’s probably nothing for the newbies still trying to play catch-up, but for some close friends it’s seemed like forever.

Anyway, I haven’t bothered with a theme for this week.  I’m just playing some music that’s been released since Episode 108.  Enjoy.

  1. Don’t Forget (To Forget About Me) – The Mary Onettes (Hit the Waves/Labrador/2013)
  2. Love is Lost – David Bowie (The Next Day/Columbia/2013)
  3. Four Teeth – True Widow (Circumambulation/Relapse/2013)
  4. Distance – Beaches (She Beats/Chapter Music/2013)
  5. Islands (She Talks in Rainbows) – Guided by Voices (English Little League/Guided By Voices, Inc./2013)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #109 (8/6/13)

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Episode #19: Here Comes Everything

mouse on marsI should start by saying that I’ll take next week off.  That time off will give me an opportunity to plan out the next show.  I take suggestions for themes for every tenth episode, so please leave suggestions for episode #20 in the comments portion of this post.  I will consider any theme, but refrain from the trite (war, civil rights, abortion) or the absurd (alternative energy, British prime ministers, home schooling).  The more creative you are, the better the results will hopefully be.

Anyway, a word about volume.

I don’t master my shows.  What I do, however, is try to ensure everything hits the same peaks.  I don’t feel compelled to compress everything to a brick-shaped wave file, so you’ll notice that songs like “Everybody’s Talking” in this week’s show seem a little more quiet.  But, trust me, they do eventually hit roughly the same high points as the rest of the show.

I guess I should also comment on language.  Because I play music that I like and I don’t generally gravitate toward the vulgar, you won’t find too many expletives in these shows.  But I don’t buy all my CDs at Wal-Mart.  Capiche?


  1. “Wipe That Sound” – Mouse on Mars (Radical Connector/Thrill Jockey/2004)
  2. “What Matters More” – Derek Webb (Stockholm Syndrome/INO/2009)
  3. “Everybody’s Talking” – The Jazz Butcher (Patron Saints of Teenage/Creation/1994)
  4. “M.O.R.” – Blur (Blur/Virgin/1997)
  5. “Century” – The Mary Onettes (Islands/Labrador/2009)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #19 (11/13/09)

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