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Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl!

Yes, I’m copying and pasting from a Velvet Blue e-mail. I just ordered the Doug Burr and Telegraph Canyon records, so it’s okay. Everything is available at velvetbluemusic.com
THE PRIDS ‘chronosynclastic’  12″
Everyone’s favorite new band now on beautiful vinyl.  Be sure to see them on the road too, www.velvetbluemusic.com/prids has updated tour dates. + Doug from Built to Spill plays guitar magic on a track !
DOUG BURR ‘o ye devastator’ 12″
This is the first time any Burr recordings have been available on vinyl !  O Ye has been getting so much great press and it’s easy to see why.  It’s an instant classic.
STARFLYER 59  ‘old’ 12 “
First time ever on vinyl, and it’s a picture disk too !  It’s at the bottom in the distro section.  Many consider this to be the bands finest work.  Line up for the record was Martin, Cloud, Swift, and Lenz.
TELEGRAPH CANYON – ‘the tide and the current’  12 “
This sounds absolutely perfect on wax !  They have been touring like crazy but we still have some copies left.  The record was produced by W. Johnson of Centro-matic / Monsters of Folk.
THE LANGLEY SISTERS – ‘queen bee’  7″
3 lovely sisters from London make great sing alongs.  Produced by Ed Harcourt. On white vinyl, with download codes.
KISSING COUSINS – ‘pillar of salt’  12″
5 lovely ladies from Los Angeles, who lay on some guitar !  Produced by Richard Swift. On white vinyl, with download codes for the record + bonus tracks.
RICHARD SWIFT – ‘ the novelist / walking without effort’ 2 x 12″
These are almost gone !  A co-release w/ Secretly Canadian, beautiful gatefold, that comes with a cd of 4 unreleased demos inside !
HELLO VINYL – ‘2 cd compilation’
In case you missed it, we have the opposite here :  We took all the out of print Velvet Blue vinyl and put it into a 2 cd set.  Includes tracks from :  Fine China, Pony Express, Richard Swift, Broadway Hush, Fold Zandura, Bon Voyage, etc.
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Episode 45: Footprints and Moses

The picture sleeve for The Jam's 45, "The Modern World"It’s easy to look back and identify certain sounds, whether bound by geography or by recording trends. That said, I feel like I’m currently witnessing a certain sound develop. I don’t know we’ll call it when we look back in a few years, but there seem to be an increasing number of bands playing a sort of complex, shimmery pop music. They also focus on vocals, with most of the bands’ members singing intricate parts. Unlike most trends, I’m okay with this development in good songwriting, chimey guitars and solid performances.

Enlou is one of those bands. The Sexy Accident played a show with them in Dayton, and I was blown away by how well the guys played together. I’ve been in many bands, and it’s tough to arrange so many parts without cluttering up the sound. Enjoy…

  1. “Wait For My Turn” – Azymuth (Azimuth/Far Out/1975)
  2. “Back in My Arms Again” – The Jam (“The Modern World”/Polydor/1977)
  3. “Liquid Light” – Enlou (Threshing Floor/Lujo/2009)
  4. “My Voice Rises to God” – Doug Burr (The Shawl/Velvet Blue Music/2009)
  5. “Desolate” – The Prids (Chronosynclastic/Velvet Blue Music/2010)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #45 (7/2/10)

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Velvet Blue Monday

I have to copy and paste here.  I just received an e-mail from Jeff Cloud, announcing a sale at Velvet Blue Music, for one day only.  If you know someone who still needs to buy you a Christmas gift, a link to this post would be great to e-mail to him/her.

Now, I can’t simply pass this along without recommendations, however.  Nothing to Do With Foxy Boxing, Don’t Frown and Monk With a Gun are essential.  You simply  cannot claim to enjoy music if they are not in your catalog.  I’ve played Map and Swift here before, so you should know my unbiased and accurate opinion on the matter.

Buy any 2 of the below 7″s and get one more for free !  You must make your purchase online at  www.velvetbluemusic.com by midnight Monday, Dec. 14th.   Just type the title of the 7″ you want for free in the comments section of the order.

  • THE LANGLEY SISTERS “queen bee” (on white vinyl)
  • RICHARD SWIFT “nothing to do with foxy boxing” (on blue vinyl)
  • RICHARD SWIFT “buildings in america” (first swift vinyl)
  • FINE CHINA “don’t frown” (on pink vinyl)
  • MAP / GARY MURRAY “all my friends who play guitar” (starflyer 59 covers)
  • MAP “monk with a gun”
  • THE BROADWAY HUSH “moon songs” (on blue vinyl)
  • THE BROADWAY HUSH “sun songs” (on clear vinyl)
  • PEP SQUAD “angela jones”
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Poptek, The Lips and The Langley Sisters


Ruetschle plays Exotic Destinations

I want to pass along some random pieces of news.

First, everyone should be familiar with Poptek Records from Dayton, Ohio.  Not only do they release some great pop music, but Andy Ingram also sends out a song every month to subscribers of his mailing list.  Sign up today.

Next, I have to talk about the new Flaming Lips album that comes out next week.  (Am I the only one who ponders the antiquated notion of release dates in our post-Napster age?)  A friend of mine gave the MP3s to me last week, and I love the album.  Anyone who knows me should know that, although I own quite a few of their albums, I really don’t get into much of the Lips’ catalogue.  Honestly,  I’ve just always been more of a fan of Mercury Rev.  That said, this new album, Embryonic, is amazing.  The band is clearly not playing to the crowd on this one, the drums sound like trash and Wayne’s voice is treated as an instrument again.  Anyway, I just want people to be aware of this super-cool limited edition release of the album with crazy artwork.

The Langley Sisters

The Langley Sisters, a new addition to the Velvet Blue Music roster

Last, I’ll just copy and paste from an e-mail that Jeff Cloud at Velvet Blue Music sent me about one of his new bands, The Langley Sisters (who will be featured in an upcoming episode of Radio Free Raytown).  This release sounds like a must-have for us vinyl nerds who dig limited edition junk.

The Langley Sisters are three lovely, young ladies from London, who craft songs from a forgotten era.  Their gorgeous string, horn, and piano sections should pretty much separate them from most everything else in your inbox today !  The single for the track “Queen Bee” will be a limited edition vinyl, each jacket numbered, on white vinyl, and will of course include a download code.  We should also mention that the tracks were recorded and produced by the fabulous Mr. Ed Harcourt.  Late October release.

See them on the road :

09/14 Glasglow @ King Tuts w/ Paloma Faith
09/15 Manchester @ The Ruby Lounge w/ Paloma Faith
09/17 London @ Scala w/ Paloma Faith
09/20 London @ Spice of Life
10/10 London @ The Hootenany

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Episode #4

Things have been busy lately, but I do have time to post the fourth instalment of the Radio Free Raytown show. (It’s up to number five, if you count the special one I did to promote tomorrow’s concert with Terry Taylor, Michael Roe and Michael Miller. If you’re new to this site and want more information on that show, click here.) This may be my favorite episode so far; it is certainly the most personal one. Let me know what you think.

  1. LN – Hello January
  2. Map – The Smile Summer Never Forgot
  3. Pale Saints – Colours and Shapes
  4. Buzzcocks – Boredom
  5. Swell Maps – Loin of the Surf
  6. The Chambermaids – Pressure

Radio Free Raytown Episode #4 – 7/29/09

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