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Episode 95: Like a Wrecking Ball

Motel Beds' most recent album, Tango Boys

The thing I hate (and that some of my friends love) about best-of lists is the sheer act of making a definitive statement. No matter how much time I sink into them, I inevitably return to my lists and realize an omission. This was again the case with my Fifteen Favorites of 2011 list that I posted only two days ago. Only a few hours after posting it, I realized I had left Real Estate’s new album off the list. So take my lists (and especially the albums’ rankings) with a grain of salt.

At any rate, a friend suggested I take some episodes to play a song from each album in that list. I don’t know I can remain focused enough for more than one show, but I’ll give him at least this one. I tried to pick songs you may not have a chance to hear (like with the Robert Deeble and Motel Beds tracks) and deep album cuts I don’t want you to miss (as in the case of Wire, The Decemberists and The Joy Formidable).


  1. “Hopeless” – Motel Beds (Tango Boys | No More Fake Labels | 2011)
  2. “Nightcrawlers” – Widowspeak (Widowspeak | Captured Tracks | 2011)
  3. “A Flat Ten” – Wire (Red Barked Tree | PinkFlag | 2011)
  4. “Heart Like Feathers” – Robert Deeble (Heart Like Feathers | independent | 2011)
  5. “Chapter 2” – The Joy Formidable (The Big Roar | Atlantic | 2011)
  6. “This is Why We Fight” – The Decemberists (The King is Dead | Capitol | 2011)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #95 (1/6/12)

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Episode #87: New Wave Pink

Yesterdays Forever“Are you trying to bribe me?”

“Trust me, our single’s gonna be a smash.”

“This other stuff sounds good, but you wanna get money out of me before I even hear the single?”

This was no transcript from Behind the Music, nor was it a scene from Spinal Tap.  It actually happened last Sunday when I had recording industry mogul, Andy Ingram, in my basement, listening to my band’s recordings (about 75% tracked).  Convinced I had backed him into the corner and held the upper hand in negotiations, I replied….well, I can’t remember what I replied.


Everything in that story is true.  But keep in mind that Andy runs an indie pop/rock label in Dayton, Ohio.  (He could probably find better ways to make money.)  He and I ran in very similar circles until we finally met a years ago through either my friend, Joel Atkinson, or my wife, I can’t remember.  Anyway, Andy visited Kansas City last weekend and was simply sitting in a chair in the corner of my basement recording room when we held the above conversation.

How does that relate to this show?  Well, Andy has a sweet band, XL427.  Enjoy.

  1. “This Is Me” – Chris & Cosey (Heartbeat | Rough Trade | 1981)
  2. “Four Long Years” – Wire (Object 47 | Pink Flag | 2008)
  3. “Order for Order” – Colin Newman (A-Z | Beggars Banquet | 1980)
  4. “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!” – Trentemøller (Into the Great Wide Yonder | In My Room | 2010)
  5. “It’s Not Just Pink, It’s New Wave Pink” – XL427 (Yesterdays Forever | Poptek | 2009)

Radio Free Raytown – Episode #87 (8/12/11)

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Sunday Spin – 10/18/09

It looks like it we will have a full evening of listening this Sunday night, with people sharing records from their own collections.  (That means I don’t have to bring anything!)  I highly doubt that we’ll get to everything here, but that just means you need to come back next week for more.

  1. Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again (Sire 1983)
  2. Stray Cats – Rant ‘N’ Rave with the Stray Cats (EMI 1983)
  3. The Temptations – Gettin’ Ready (Gordy 1966)
  4. The Mercy Seat – The Mercy Seat (Wounded Bird 1987)
  5. Wire – Send (Pink Flag 2003)
  6. Tubeway Army – Tubeway Army (Beggars Banquet 1978)
  7. Theatre of Hate – Original Sin Live (9 Mile 1985)
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