R.I.P. Needmore Discs (2003-2009)

Katy just saw an ad in The Pitch that Needmore Discs in Shawnee is having a going-out-of-business sale. Of course, that means we can get even more amazing deals than usual, but I am still about to cry. This was one of the last stores in town where you could listen to anything before you bought it. The owners actually enjoyed playing good music in the store. (One of the owners was a huge XTC/Prefab Sprout/The Church/Bob Pollard fan and wanted everyone to know it.)

I won’t use this space now to bemoan the fact that we’re losing almost all of our good, independent record stores. (And that the ones remaining feel forced to sell DVDs and lame video games to make any money.) There will always be good music and there will always be ways to discover it, but it is still sad to see record stores  go the way of the buffalo.

Long live Zebedee’s RPM!


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