Thin Skin and an Open Heart

The cover to Pacifico's new album, Thin Skin and an Open Heart

I should tell you about Allalom Music’s current special. If you pre-order Pacifico’s new album, Thin Skin and an Open Heart, for $12, the label will throw in another one of its releases for free. The CDs will ship on August 4.

I know it’s really hard to convince people to pay for music in these days, especially when it’s a band they’ve never heard of, but that’s just what I’m doing.

Pacifico is not really a big and famous band, so I’ll post one of its pop songs, “Ruby,” from its Facedown EP as a teaser. (And since the band worked with a couple of the Starflyer 59 guys on the new record, I expect to hear even more, hopelessly romantic, jangly, British-leaning rock.)

Please check it out. While you’re there, look at their other artists, since you’re going to want one of their CDs as a part of the deal, anyway.

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